God's Revenge Over Berlin?

Berlin's TV Tower, Fernsehturm, is the tallest building in Berlin. Second only to Russia's tower, it is the tallest such stucture in Europe. Built in 1969 by East German architects, it is 365 meters high, so that every child can remember it every day of the year. Designed by Walter Ulbright, member of the German Communist Party and leader of the SED, it was to be a reminder of the rebuilt Germany's technological advances, and to take away any reminder of God.

The communist scheme did not work.

During days of sunshine, the sphere shows a reflection of a cross. This is said to be God's revenge, on the secular socialist State, for having removed the crosses from the churches.

Personally I don't think that God takes revenge on any person or thing. I think is just a reminder how God set up his world. He made rules that each of us is to follow--Communism did not work, and Christianity leads us to a better world. When we break any of his rules, chaos results. Bad things happen.

And so the representative of communism planned a beautiful and wonderful structure for us to see each day. But he disregarded God's sun shining, and there is a reminder to be seen that is entirely different from when he planned.

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